Radio Hero is the trusted advertising partner for agencies and clients who need their ads on the radio fast.

Our staff of radio ad specialists, voiceover talent, sound engineers, and data specialists span the globe — so we can tap into the very best talent no matter where they are. That’s how we get your ads on the air so quickly. With Radio Hero, time zone problems are a thing of the past.

As an independent radio specialist ad agency, we aren’t affiliated with any one particular network or station. That means our clients get real-life, objective guidance on which stations are best for their target market.

“Being in radio advertising for more than 15 years, I realized that the biggest headache for clients is simply getting their ads on the radio. Contacting the station, waiting for callbacks, and standing by for the stations to open ... it was all needlessly time-consuming. I developed Radio Hero to give clients a better, faster, and easier way to get their radio ads on the air.”